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we do.

Alchemy is about transformation.

Working with the world’s largest technology brands, Alchemy transforms marketing programs into something of high and long-lasting value. Alchemy in itself is symbolic of transformative change.

We are a full-service integrated agency
focused on the B2B Technology sector across the
APAC and ANZ Regions

Our experience working with leading technology vendors enables Alchemy to offer you the best in strategic thinking and to build cutting-edge marketing programs around this – whether it’s digital or offline. You get the latest thinking around digital and the best innovations marketing has to offer.

Lots of technology companies have their own marketing departments or use preferred agencies. Many others have no marketing resource or practice at all. Whatever your situation, Alchemy transforms basic marketing elements into a highly valued commodity and adds an essential component to your marketing strategy and brand.

What we do

Inbound marketing strategy and planning – Review and assessment of client marketing plans along with a refresh of tactics and marketing assets to be more aligned to a mix of outbound AND inbound assets, weighted according to the nature of the clients customer audience and customer experience objectives

Content Marketing – Development of key digital-content assets such as video, case studies, white papers, brochures, buyer’s guides, infographics, blogs, social posts and other written content used to deliver stories through a multi-channel, multi-touch demand generation programme with clear outcomes and reporting.

Digital Experience –  Web site, microsite and campaign landing page development as well as best-practice implementation for measurement and reporting.

Demand Generation – both digital campaigns and social marketing. Alchemy offers all services around SEO, Adwords, LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter campaigns, and remarketing.

Marketing Automation – web site, case studies, videos and digital assets can be tracked within marketing automation, so everyone viewing or reading them can then be added to nurture campaigns. This data allows you to create specific content for particular buyer segments from particular verticals…and the creation of buyer journeys. Alchemy prefers Hubspot for automation, providing training, integration services (with your CRM or web site), and setting up marketing templates for use in your marketing campaigns.

Social Selling Campaigns – there has been a rapid shift recently to account based marketing with more efforts applied to engaging with specific prospects that clients do not have yet. Social selling, for example via LinkedIn, provides a unique opportunity to prospect to specific companies and people to build connections and to create a direct method of communication to support the sales pipeline development process.

Brand Development – spanning storytelling, visual identity development and both internal and external brand activation, our approach is grounded in a combination of stakeholder & buyer research that is used for content strategies, digital experience design and brand development.

Team Development – many marketing campaigns fail to engage sales teams yet sales people provide a very real opportunity to provide scale to digital and social campaigns. Educating salespeople of the value of social and digital marketing trends provides confidence and instils new approaches when being social, that lead to better results.


Marketing and digital strategy

Marketing program development

Go-to-market strategy

Marketing enablement programs for vendors and both channel (distributors and partners)

‘White label’ marketing programs


Branding (brand strategy, concept work, design, logo development, brand development and guidelines).


Content development (digital and offline) – including brochures, white papers, blogs and copywriting

Video development

Content curation, content strategy and development of content hubs


Email campaigns

Landing pages

Web site development

Micro site and campaign site design and development

Phone application development


Social Media Campaigns

Social selling and Linkedin connection development


Demand generation and lead generation projects

Inbound/white space campaigns

Outbound email/landing page campaigns

Combined digital/social and telemarketing campaigns